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There's always something going on in this dynamic ministry. We recommend that you check back regularly to see what's new. Here's a list of the most recent developments:

New Gospel cover to reach disabled community

January 2011  Joni Earekson Tada has been an inspiring ray of hope to millions of disabled people around the world. We're thrilled to have partnered with Joni and Friends Ministries to produce a powerful new Gospel of John cover that's especially designed to reach people with disabilities.

New Spanish/English bilignual Gospel

December 2010  A superb way to put God's Word into people's hands is through English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs. Our new Spanish/English bilingual Gospel of John does that beautifully, by providing the book of John with Spanish on one side of each spread and English on the other, matched up verse-by-verse throughout the booklet

Cover design contest

November 2010  Response was outstanding for the League's first member Gospel cover design contest. We asked members to submit their designs. 130 creative designs were received, from which League staff selected 20 finalists for voting by members. Thousands of votes were received, with members giving each design a rating from 1 to 5. The two designs with the most votes were the winners, and will be printed as actual Gospel of John covers that members can order.

New Gospel of John for lovers of the outdoors

August 2009  The League introduced a Gospel of John cover designed to be used along the pathways and byways of everyday life. The cover features a striking image of a beautiful forest path, with the headline "The Way." This cover is ideally suited for people who like to go hiking, those who are into trail running, and anyone else who can relate to the headline and image.

The Pocket Testament League now on Facebook!

July 2009  The League understands the value of social media, and launched a Facebook page to better connect with its members. Members can easily become "Fans" of the ministry by clicking a simple button. Fans receive updates about new products or other news about the League, which automatically appears in their Facebook News Feed. This is a great way to get word about the League out to a wider audience.

New Gospel of John cover for executives

June 2009  The League introduced new Gospel of John cover, developed in partnership with The Master's Program and The Barnabas Group. These executive ministries help focus leaders on how to use their influence for the cause of Christ, so this new cover is an effective way to help business and professional leaders reach others with the Word of God.

New Large Print Gospel of John

May 2009  Responding to many requests from members, the League staff prayed diligently for funding to produce a large print Gospel of John. The larger text size requires twice as many pages as other gospels, doubling the cost. God brought forward a gracious donor who provided funding to make a print run possible. The new gospel cover features a photo of a waterfall with the headline "Living Water."

New Stonecroft gospel of John for women

April 2009  Working in partnership with Stonecroft, a ministry that helps women connect with each other, their communities and God, The Pocket Testament League introduced a new Gospel of John cover especially oriented towards women. Featuring an image of cups of coffee and the headline "Connecting," the gospel cover signifies the role of women discussing their lives and making an impact around the common setting of a coffee-house meeting.

New Gospel of John cover for youth

March 2009  A new Gospel of John cover, produced in partnership with Found, was designed as a vehicle especially oriented towards young people. The cover features the image of a skateboarder, pensively looking down, with the headline "Found." The message relates to the concept that we are lost until turning to the Father in humble submission. Found is a clothing company with a passion for Christian outreach.

Signup process simplified

February 2009  The Pocket Testament League dramatically simplified the signup process for those wanting to join. Because Gospels and publications need an address for shipping purposes, the League had, in the past, required an address. And, because of the large number of members, the League used additional member data like birthdate to minimize costs by directing printed communications to specific groups of members. But advances in technology have reduced the need to send as much printed communications. New products have been introduced that don't need to be shipped, as they are available online -- such as the daily devotionals, Boot Camp and the 21-Day Challenge. So the signup process was redesigned to require only a name and E-mail address. If members wish, they can provide additional information to make their membership experience richer and more enjoyable, but this is entirely optional. Orders will, of course, require an address.

Vision Video introduced

January 2009  The Pocket Testament League has produced a new video presentation designed to share the vision of the ministry. Featuring testimonial interviews with real League members, the video shows their heart for sharing Christ, along with inspiring stories of results of committing yourself to Read, Carry and Share the gospel.

Introducing the 21-Day Challenge

September 2008  The Pocket Testament League launches a new online initiative to help encourage people to get back to reading the Word of God. Working together with Anita Keagy of Joyshop Ministries, the League has developed an E-mail based program that helps members develop a lifestyle of Scripture reading. The program encourages you to read one chapter of the gospel of John each day, with commentary and a suggested prayer to accompany the reading of God's Word.

New gospel cover introduced in partnership with Focus on the Family

August 2008  Working in partnership with Focus on the Family, The Pocket Testament League has launched a new gospel of John cover for sharing with families. Featuring the headline "Finding God's Grace," the new cover includes information on the inside back cover about how to contact Focus on the Family's information resources and family crisis center.

Now iPhone compatible

July 2008  Apple's iPhone and other smart phone E-mail programs have less screen real estate than normal computer-based systems. That can be a challenge when viewing automated system messages, including Pocket Devotions. So we modified the look of our automated E-mails to ensure that they are easy to read on any smart phone without having to zoom in or scroll sideways. The Pocketpower web site has always been smart phone compatible, except for Flash elements which don't yet work on the iPhone.

100 Years of Putting Power in Your Pocket

April 2008  This month, The Pocket Testament League celebrates 100 years of amazing ministry in the United States. Since opening its first US office in April, 1908, League members have shared more than 100 million portions of Scripture.

League gets involved in America's Giving Challenge

January 2008  Steve Case, founder of AOL, along with his wife Jean and Parade magazine, lanched an innovative challenge to see which charity could collect the most online donations. They offered a gift of $50,000 to each of the four top US-based charities. The Pocket Testament League only learned about this challenge seven days before it ended. While we fell short of the goal, 297 members and friends of the League made a donation in those few days, raising nearly $8,000 to put towards the sharing of Gospels. We also placed in the top 100 charities, which means the League receives a $1,000 consolation gift from the Case Foundation.

New Gospel cover introduced in KJV version

January 2008  The League released another cover design in the Authorized King James Version. This design, originally introduced several years ago as an NIV cover, was brought back in response to requests from members to have a cover that openly communicated the religious content inside.

New online daily devotionals sent by E-mail

November 2007  A new daily devotional program lets members start their day with the right focus, by getting deeper into God's Word. The program is delivered by E-mail automatically every weekday (Monday through Friday). Written by Mike Brooks, deacon of community at South Shores church, the devotionals take you through a Scripture passage with commentary and application questions to help you apply them to your own life situations. Lessons are organized on a day-by-day basis rather than by date, so that anyone can start the program from Day 1 at any time. The program is free. Non-members can view the devotionals using their web browser, but members can have the messages delivered to their E-mail In Box.

New online training tool

June 2007  With the help of Compass Bible Church, The Pocket Testament League offers a new training tool to help members get comfortable explaining the Plan of Salvation to others. Using the metaphor of an umbrella protecting against sin, this Flash-based presentation uses audio and animation to get its point across. Members are invited to view it often and memorize the verses included so that they can quickly communicate the same concepts. They are also invited to create web links to this presentation as a way to lead people to Christ.

New western themed Gospel cover

May 2007  The League introduced a new cover for horse lovers and anyone ministering to people who love the open spaces of the west. The new cover, entitled "Let God Set You Free" (a reference to John 8:32), features a spectacular photo of horses charging towards the camera in a roundup.

New Gospel cover for construction industry

April 2007  A new Gospel of John cover was announced, especially designed for ministering to architects or people involved in the building trades. Featuring a photo of construction blueprints and tools, the headline is "Blueprint for Life." The cover is ideal for giving to roofers, contractors, plumbers, electricians or the clerk at your local home building supplies store.

Podcasting introduced

April 2007  Our popular public-service-announcement radio spots are now available as podcasts. Members and anyone interested in the League can listen from their computers to these short but inspiring messages, each one featuring a member story. A new file is automatically published every day using the RSS feeds.

Virtual Museum Launched

March 2007  It took years of work for our staff to collect, identify, scan and organize the many pieces that make up our Virtual Museum. The result is a fascinating trip through the 114-year history of The Pocket Testament League, including newspaper endorsements from a 1913 edition of Harper's and warm letters of support on White House stationery from several US presidents.

League activity mapping introduced

March 2007  Using Google technology, the League has added live maps showing the locations on actual maps of the 100 most recent Gospel orders and the 100 most recent new member signups. This feature can help encourage members to know that they are part of a huge community stretching across the continent, all sharing a common purpose of wanting to put God's Word into people's hands. In addition, a new virtual map shows the locations of people who have joined the League through each member's individual effort. This map is available by clicking a map link in the member activity report.

New ESV Gospel of John introduced

July 2006  In addition to the KJV, NIV and NLT English translations of the Bible, the League introduced the English Standard Version (ESV) to its product line. This is a literal rendering of the Greek text, created by an international team of 100 biblical scholars committed to historic evangelical orthodoxy and to the authority of the inerrant Scriptures. Entitled "The Light," the cover was inspired by a suggestion from one of our members. Made possible by the gracious support of ESV publishers Crossway Books, this new Gospel cover is also an excellent alternative for those who like more literal translations of the Bible such as the NASB or NKJV.

Impact Club launched

Impact ClubJune 2006  Many of our members actively invite their friends to join the League and learn to share their faith. Getting your friends involved is a great way to motivate you to put a Gospel in your pocket every day. You benefit from the joy of sharing your experience with those closest to you. Our new Impact Club is designed to get more people involved in sharing the Word of God. Members who encourage their friends to join benefit from free awards to recognize their efforts, including a leather prayer journal and even a Bible.

Limited Edition cover for Independence Day

May 2006  Our special limited-edition cover for Independence Day features the Stars and Stripes with the headline "A Message of True Freedom." Our goal is that our members share every copy by the end of the day on July 4.

Free Evangelism Boot Camp launched

Evangelism Boot CampMay 2006  Since 1893, The Pocket Testament League has worked hard to equip people with free copies of the Word of God that they can give away. Our vision is to equip every believer with the tools and training needed to make it a lifestyle to share their faith with others. We created a free online training system we call "Evangelism Boot Camp." This powerful 7-part program lets members work at their own pace to make it a habit to Read, Carry and Share the Word of God. Beginning with simple, non-threatening sharing exercises, members learn to engage people in conversation and answer questions and objections with confidence. This free program is only available to members of The Pocket Testament League, so you must be logged in to sign up.

New Gospel cover to meet Da Vinci Code challenge

April 2006  Concerned about the impact of the book "The Da Vinci Code," and the upcoming motion picture release, The Pocket Testament League produced a new cover of the Gospel of John. The story of The Da Vinci Code mixes fact and fiction to present a distorted picture of the life of Jesus, leading some to doubt on the eyewitness accounts of His death and Resurrection. In addition to containing the entire Gospel of John, written by an eyewitness to the events, and the usual plan of salvation (as do all our Gospels), this Gospel cover lists a number of web sites on the inside front cover that can help readers decode what they read or saw in The Da Vinci Code story to gain a handle on the truth.

Banner Ads now available

April 2006  Members can expand the influence of their sharing ministry by encouraging others to share their faith. Place one of our banner ads on your church or ministry site and get recognized for the referral when people sign up. Flash and static image versions are available. The Flash versions include detailed instructions for installation on your site.

Simplified Chinese Gospel cover

January 2006  Our Chinese Gospel is now twice as much good news. This bilingual Gospel of John features both English and Simplified Chinese languages on opposite pages, making it perfect for teaching English as a second language. Simplified Chinese is the written language used most commonly in mainland China and Singapore. These Gospels are designed for use in North America. We do not recommend our members take these publications into China because of strict visa requirements and other legal issues.

Bread of Life Club

Bread of Life ClubDecember 2005  With repeating donations, small regular gifts can add up to significant amounts over time. Our secure web site now accepts recurring donations that take place monthly, quarterly, or annually. The Bread of Life Club is a special monthly giving program where members can give $25, $50, $100 or more per month with special benefits. Club members receive advance notice of new products before they are announced to other members of the League. They also receive automatic E-mail reminders when it's time to re-order. In addition, club members at the $50 or higher level receive a small gift of appreciation. All members who donate online can view their past giving history, with printable receipts, and can edit or cancel their repeating gifts at any time.

Traditional Chinese Gospel cover

November 2005  We introduced our first Chinese language Gospel. This bilingual Gospel of John features both English and Traditional Chinese languages on opposite pages, making it perfect for teaching English as a second language. Traditional Chinese is the written language used most commonly in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Member Survey

August 2005  We asked our members to tell us more about how often they ordered Gospels, how they used them, how often they donated, and their general impressions of the ministry. We also wanted input on a financial decision. Almost 3,000 members responded.

Emergency services cover design released

July 2005  A lot of League members are police officers, paramedics and firemen who share the Gospel in situations where hearts are truly broken. In these settings trust plays a huge role in accepting not only the Gospel booklet but the message it contains. Our new Gospel cover designed for sharing in EMS situations is entitled simply "The Truth."

New motorcycle Gospel cover released

June 2005  Produced in partnership with a motorcycle ministry, we introduced a special cover designed especially for outreach to those who love traveling on two wheels instead of four. To people who love motorcycles, there's nothing quite like the freedom of the wind and the roar of an engine below you. Our new Gospel cover lets them know that spiritual freedom is even more valuable, with the title "The Perfect Road," alluding to the narrow road of faith that Jesus talked about.

Independence Day effort a success

May 2005  Independence Day is traditionally the only day besides Christmas when most people's hearts across the USA are warmly connected in spirit. To make the most of this opportunity, The Pocket Testament League produced a special, limited-edition flag cover and invited members to share all these Gospels by the end of the day July 4, 2005. Entitled "A Message of True Freedom," the cover featured a composite image of a waving American flag and a soaring Eagle. Members responded enthusiastically, registering the largest volume of orders in our history. An astonishing 25,000 Gospels were ordered in a single week. Many spiritual seeds were planted and many decisions for Christ were made through this unique one-day nationwide outreach event.

New cover design for golfers

March 2005  The hours spent on those lush, quiet fairways can lead to wonderfully refreshing opportunities to talk about spiritual things. Our new cover, "Experience a Higher Drive," was especially designed for golfers, to share with golfing friends on or off the course, with the club pro, in the pro shop or while enjoying a post-game meal.

New cover design in the King James version

February 2005  Fans of the King James version of the Bible have been asking for another cover in that translation. The League has responded by introducing "Music for the Soul," a new cover designed to evoke the poetic beauty of the King James version. Featuring classical musical instruments, the cover is ideal for sharing with people who prefer the translation they grew up with.

New business cover design

December 2004  A new cover has been designed for sharing with the business community. Designed to appeal specifically to people in business leadership, financial circles and executive positions, this Gospel features an abstract image combining elements such as gold coins and stock market numbers with the words "How to Experience True Success." Genuine success is the result of a life reconciled with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the Gospel of John is a wonderful explanation of how we can achieve that. The cover was created in partnership with BBL Forum, a ministry that links Christian business leaders for the purpose of helping them be more effective living out their faith in their unique settings.

New extreme sports cover

December 2004  A new cover has been introduced specifically for those wishing to share Jesus Christ with those who live life on the edge. Entitled "Extreme Freedom," the new cover features a skier catching air time high above a mountain village. Perfect for sharing in winter sports settings, and with those of any age who enjoy high-energy activities.

Online donations enabled

November 2004  We've upgraded to a more powerful, SSL-enabled secure server with a GeoTrust 128-bit digital certificate so that we can process donations online while offering the security our donors expect and deserve. The server is monitored around the clock. Credit card information is encrypted and permanently deleted from the system after the donation is processed. Receipts for income tax purposes are sent by postal mail for every gift (if the donor provides address information).

New holiday season Gospel cover

November 2004  An exciting new cover especially designed for the Christmas season was introduced. With a title of "Celebrate the Reason" because Jesus is the Reason for the season, the cover has a picture of candy canes arranged to look like a shepherd's cane and a cross. This limited edition cover is restricted to 30 orders per member per month.

New Web site launched

November 2004  A major upgrade was made to the look and functionality of our web site. Produced almost entirely by our own staff to keep costs to a minimum, our new site offers more information about the League, improved ordering, and other benefits to create a more meaningful place for members to visit.

New Food Gospel cover

September 2004  We've designed a new cover especially suited for sharing in restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, or even the grocery store. Entitled "Food for your Soul," the new cover features a photo of bread.

New PERT prayer team introduced

July 2004  Prayer is a vital part of any ministry, and our members appreciate prayer for their evangelism efforts. Our new Prayer Evangelism Response Team (PERT) allows prayer warriors to receive a weekly E-mail of current evangelism prayer requests.

New Motorsports Gospel cover

June 2004  We introduced a Gospel cover especially designed to appeal to fans of motorsports. Featuring a checkered flag design, it also sports the words "The Ultimate Win." Because a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is truly the ultimate prize, more important than any race.

Gospel covers updated

May 2004  We've updated all of our Gospels to improve readability and create printing efficiencies. This allowed us to lower the cost and respond more quickly to new cover ideas.

The League gets a new logo

April 2004  The Pocket Testament League has a new look. We went back to Helen Cadbury's original vision when she started this ministry and asked ourselves, if she were a 13-year-old girl today, what kind of ministry identity would she think was cool? Today's clothing often features small tabs containing the logos of the designers, so that's where we ended up. If Helen and her friends were sewing pockets on her clothing today to hold the Gospels they shared, they would love to attach a small "Pocket" tab to the side. That was the inspiration of our new brand identity. We hope you like it.

Read the Book of John in 21 Days

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