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Together, let’s work towards
a great spiritual harvest

The power of sponsorship

영어 전용 번역 보류중

이 페이지는 현재 영문판만 가능합니다. 우리는 전체 웹사이트가 번역되도록 노력중입니다. 여러분의 이해에 감사드립니다.

Three ways to give as a sponsor
Sponsorship tailored to your heart

Funding is needed for 471 members who wish to share 13,800 Gospels.

1 Next in Line

We have members ready to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to those in need and you can give directly to the next in line. Click below to sponsor now!

Next in Line

2 Specific Passions

Give directly to an area of evangelism activity that fits your own passions, or pick a specific person, city or church. Click below to choose now!

Specific Passions

3 Gospel Goal

Want to partner multiple times in sharing the Gospel over the coming year or two? Great! Pick your goal by clicking below now and see it reached every month!

Gospel Goal

What is Sponsorship?

You get to put Gospels into the hands of excited members who don't have the financial means to donate the resources to share, but have a strong passion for presenting God's Word to the lost. Your support empowers them to share by simply providing them with the Gospels they want to give away.

Why should I Sponsor?

Simple. People need the Word of God, and we have people with a genuine passion for giving Gospels of John to those in need, one-to-one! Why wait? Hit the ground running right now!

Does it work?

Absolutely! Members needing sponsorship are required to share how they plan to use the Gospels, but it gets really exciting when you receive direct response of the impact they're having through their updates.

Read stories of impact

Sponsorship is about making an impact and lives being freed by the good news of the Gospel message. We want you to be overwhelmed by the hope, transformation, and encouragement that you'll find in the hundreds of stories and testimonials published every month. Read Military Stories

Track your influence

Our unique Gospel Locator Map provides an amazing live visual picture of how your gifts are making an impact. What a fantastic way to see the Gospel literally moving! View Map

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses”
—Acts 1:8

"의인의 간구는 역사하는 힘이 많으니라" (야고보서 5:16). 연맹 웹사이트에 그들의 요청을 게시한 회원들을 후원하는데 기도의 힘을 사용하도록 해보십시오. 그들이 게시한 요청에 대한 기도에 참여하거나 여러분 자신의 요청글을 게시하도록 하십시오.

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