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Our Privacy Policy

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Your privacy matters to us. Our members are a precious resource. We understand the privacy concerns surrounding modern communications, and are doing everything we reasonably can to protect your personal information. This document helps you better understand how we use any information about you.

Your personal information is not shared with other parties. We do not rent, sell, or otherwise allow others to communicate with our members.

E-mail communication

As a not-for-profit organization, we look at every possible means to reduce operating costs so that donations can go to printing Gospels. Using E-mail is a great way to keep costs low.

We use E-mail as much as we can to announce new products or provide other news of interest to our members, such as information about surveys.

You may choose to enable or disable various means we have of communicating with you. For example, you can choose not to receive new product announcements by simply unmarking the appropriate checkbox on your personal profile page.

Web Cookies

Our web site uses cookie technology as a way of making the login process easier for you. Cookies are small text files residing on to your computer, which contain information about your login ID to make it easier to login. Our cookies do not track any personal details about you. When you connect to our site, the computer checks to see if you have a cookie file on your computer. If it exists, you are automatically logged in. If the cookie doesn't exist, you have to manually log in by clicking the "Sign In" menu item.

Members may choose to use only a temporary (rather than permanent) cookie if you are concerned about this. This would require you to login each time you visit the web site. You may also choose to disable all cookies using a setting in your browser's preferences. Like many web sites, some aspects of the site will not function if cookies are disabled completely.

Web site log files

In order to better understand the needs of our members, we regularly look at the log files that record access to our web site. By analyzing the information, we are able to make changes to the site to make popular pages easier to get to, or to adapt our content to changing member needs. These log files record the IP address of the connecting server, the specific pages visited, and the length of time spent.

No personal information is recorded and the information is analyzed on the basis of large-scale activity because that is more meaningful to us than the activity of any individual member.

Membership information

Naturally, we keep membership information in a database. This information allows you to order Gospels and other resources, as well as to post prayer requests and sharing stories. Your personal information is not rented, sold, or given to any other party.

If you post a prayer request or story, or use membership ID stickers on the Gospels you give out, only your first name and last initial, and your city and state (if provided in your profile), will be available for others to see. All other contact information is protected so that only League staff and authorized associates such as our shipping center can view this information.

You may choose to edit your personal information at any time. To order Gospels, a physical address is required of course. To receive E-mail notices, an E-mail address is required. You may choose to unmark various checkboxes for receiving different kinds of member communication. You may also choose to cancel your membership at any time, in which case your personal information will be permanently removed from our database.

Credit card information

Even though we accept credit card payments for our shipping fee and for donations, we do not keep credit card information on file. This information is maintained by our merchant account service provider on their highly secure systems and is not recorded anywhere on our servers at any time. Our systems do store the last four digits of your credit card number, the type of card, and the expiration date, which enables us to provide you with order and donation history information as well as remind those with recurring donations when their credit card will expire. This data is maintained in an encrypted form behind a secure SSL security barrier. E-mails that are sent as confirmation of payments or gifts do not contain the full credit card number.

Data backups

We back up our data files regularly in case of a computer failure or other electronic disaster. These backup files are maintained in a special vault by a reputable company specializing in such data storage. If you cancel your membership, we are unable to remove your personal information from these archived copies of our database because they are not connected to our systems.

If you have any further questions about your privacy, please contact

Online Advertising

To help you learn more about our resources, we use Google AdWords remarketing to trigger ads across the internet. AdWords remarketing displays relevant ads using web cookies that track the parts of that you have visited.

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