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Grow closer to God
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The League's free online resources

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God gave us the power of digital communications, so why not put it to use to build your relationship with Jesus and lead others to Him? You can study God's Word right from your own desk and learn how to share the gospel. We've also created a powerful tool that you can use to expand your ministry through your web site or E-mail messages. Here are some useful online resources available from The Pocket Testament League:

Pocket Devotions

This exciting free program helps you spend time in God's Word. We make it easy! Every weekday (Monday to Friday) you receive a convenient E-mail that gives you insight into Scripture. It takes just minutes a day to get into a habit of daily Scripture reading. Written by Mike Brooks of South Shores Church, these insightful messages provide a small Scripture passage, with commentary and a few questions to apply the message to your life. Designed in a format that lets you start from Day 1 at any time, you can subscribe or unsubscribe any time you like.

Evangelism Boot Camp

Our innovative Evangelism Boot Camp is a powerful free E-mail based training program. Members can go through the 7-part program at their own pace. Starting with easy exercises, the program gradually takes you through the training step by step to make you comfortable with sharing. By the time you finish, you'll be able to turn an ordinary conversation to spiritual topics and answer questions people have.

The 21-Day Challenge

If you're sharing the gospel (or even if you aren't), we invite you to get familiar with the entire book of John. It's pretty simple, by applying the 21-Day Challenge, a concept pioneered by Anita Keagy of JoyShop Ministries. Take the 21-Day Challenge for yourself and become intimately familiar with the life and ministry of Jesus.

The Umbrella Analogy

With the support of Compass Bible Church, we've made available a dynamic Flash-based presentation that you can use to share your faith simply by sending a link.

You can also learn from it! This presentation does a wonderful job of explaining, with animation and audio, how the problem of sin keeps us separated from God until faith in Christ provides a protective cover for our lives.

We encourage you to view this presentation several times and memorize the Scripture passages presented so that you can explain the same principle to others. This presentation loaded automatically when you came to this page. The free Flash plug-in is required to view.

To share this presentation from your website, just create a link to

"의인의 간구는 역사하는 힘이 많으니라" (야고보서 5:16). 연맹 웹사이트에 그들의 요청을 게시한 회원들을 후원하는데 기도의 힘을 사용하도록 해보십시오. 그들이 게시한 요청에 대한 기도에 참여하거나 여러분 자신의 요청글을 게시하도록 하십시오.

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